Blasian Read: Water Baby

blasian water babyIt’s hard to find books for kids or teens with Blasian characters. I am not sure how Water Baby by Ross Campbell escaped my notice.

The main character Brody is a young adult who is a bit of a tomboy. She likes karate, she likes to run and she likes to surf. While out surfing she is attacked by a shark and loses her leg.

Blasian connection: AfAm mom/AsAm dad which you see only briefly in the story.  shark

Some girls will connect with Brody, she’s not for everyone.  She has a punker attitude and isn’t girly in the least.  Her ex-boyfriend muses that she likes to pick her nose.

But even though she is a rough girl she is soft inside.  Brody, although constantly talking about how hot she is, feels very self-conscious about the loss of her leg and battles with nightmares about the shark.

Writer/illustrator Ross Campbell is a great storyteller.  A few years ago I read his graphic novel The Abandoned and was captured into the story.  This story also features another punker black chick but this time instead of sharks she’s fighting Zombies.

For Water Baby and The Abandoned I can only recommend the book for older teens. There are some graphic images in the books and although the book doesn’t depict sex, both of the main characters are sexually active and sexual liaisons are discussed.

So read this book.  And if you know of any books about Blasian kids or families hit me up in the comment section so I can check it out, too.


One response to “Blasian Read: Water Baby

  1. Sound very interesting. I’m all for feisty female characters and Blasian all the better :0)

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